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Thursday, April 30, 2009

one month later...

I have a really good excuse for taking so long to post. no really...this time, I have the excuse to top all other excuses...ready? On April 5, at 37 weeks pregnant...I went into labor. A quick and intense one that ended in pushing out my baby boy before the midwife was able to arrive. And then when the contractions kept on coming? I realized...there are TWO babies!!!!!!!! Luckily, my midwife arrived about that time, verified there was a second baby, and helped move things along so that ta-da, only 40 minutes after her brother was born, I pushed out my baby girl. Surprise, surprise, suprise!

Who has surprise twins in this day and age? NO ONE! Except me...and I am incredibly grateful for it. It was the perfect experience and the perfect arrival for my perfect little babies. Who by the way, were not terribly little. They weighed in at 5lb. 8 oz. and 5 lb. 12 oz. So I know you are saying, did she really not know there were two?

Well, we did have a couple of times in the pregnancy when we thought that was a possibility. But we kept ruling it out because of my size (always measuring right on with my weeks and gaining less than 30lbs) and because of the position of the babies (we could only feel one).

There you have it...surprise twins, 3 weeks early...that's my excuse. And I could not possibly post all that without photos. Who knew that it would take me two weeks to conduct my newborn photo shoot! But let me tell you, that being the postpartum mom to twins and being the photographer is a tough combo. Especially when you are trying to keep two babies sleeping in a room that is about 90 degrees (not exactly a comfortable temperature for the postpartum mom who is sweating profusely anyway!) and fending off the two big sisters who have a case of bubbling, ecstatic love (think in erupting volcano proportions) for said babies. It was not easy!

But here is the formal introduction to the Stone bab-IES...Gates & Amory.