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Monday, August 15, 2011

Master Gardening: Asheville Photographer, Sonya Stone

Here's a little sneak peek of a project I'm working on for the NC Mountain State Fair and a group of master gardeners. Special props to my on call models (aka, my children) and to Looking Glass Creamery (can you believe this garden they've got going? And the garden is secondary to the amazing cheese they make...yum!). All this is making me hungry!







Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playtime: Asheville Child Photographer, Sonya Stone

One of the things I have loved about homeschooling are the amazing people we get to hang with and the cool projects that we do. This week we had so much fun dyeing shirts, play silks, pouches, skirts, shorts, even socks! Here's my big girl mixing some things up...



my boy doing his thing, hamming it up for the camera, being silly in the dye prewash tub!
my little girl giving me "the look"


and one of my favorite kiddos...I was at his birth so we're like, bonded. ;)


Friends Are Friends Forever: Asheville Family Photographer, Sonya Stone

In my last entry, I mentioned the family spent time with their good friends. These two families have been friends since the kids were babies and I love that they make time to see each other even though they live far apart. And fun for me, I got to have a mini session within our session!







Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting Away: Asheville Family Photographer, Sonya Stone

We all have great memories of summer vacations as a kid, maybe even one in particular. Mine was a trip to St. Augustine when I was 7. As I met this family, I thought about that vacation and smiled. I think these kids are going to look back on their trip to Asheville for many years. Time together as a family with good friends...having fun, trying new things...the good stuff of life. Mandatory in childhood and often put aside when we grow up. But we still have the memories...







Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new love: Asheville Newborn Photographer, Sonya Stone

this part of my job never gets old. coming in to a new family dynamic, meeting this tiny person who is changing the people around him forever. but this time, more than any other session I have ever had, I felt the tenderness and intimacy of this family. it was such a peaceful, lovely atmosphere. and as I look back at the photographs, that's what we captured. A simple beauty and a deep love. ahhh, it makes my heart melt. meet baby Lucas...


and his incredibly amazing parents
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i love how she is just snuggling him in, such sweet connection

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and this...whoa, these guys make parenthood look hot!

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there was also quite a bit of sibling love bubbling about

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oh, my...he is so dreamy...
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