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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Days Go By: Asheville Family Photographer: Sonya Stone

I almost had a heart attack as we started this session and I realized the images were not being recorded as I took them! Thankfully, I know this family well and they trusted me to figure it out, take a break to get a remedy, and jump back on the horse. And I'm so glad they did! We had a great time walking the Botanical Gardens and climbing down into the creek. I did my usual acting a fool and they saw the humor in it and so viola...beautiful photographs of them being themselves. I was so glad to see that side come through and to spend time with such a great family.




this one I especially like because each of them has their individual, genuine expressions...there's not a fake smile on anyone! Love you guys! xo


Lasting Love: Asheville Portrait Photographer, Sonya Stone

This couple just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and their daughters gave them the best gift possible (in my opinion!), photographs! They realized that even after all this time together, they don't have photos of just the two of them. I am so happy to give them these images. They were at ease and just had fun while we were shooting so it made my job very easy! And look how great they look! When I celebrate my 30th anniversary, that's what I be happy and in love, to enjoy being together, to have fun and look good while I'm doing it!




Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn Fun: Asheville Family Photographer, Sonya Stone

The mini sessions have come and gone and here is our first sneak preview. We had a whirlwind day at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville but it was full of fun. These sessions were fairly fast paced but as this preview will show, we had plenty of time to take beautiful photographs.




This might not be your typical family portrait, and maybe that's why I love it.


and one of my new passions, capturing the relationship between mom and dad. We are always so attentive to our families and doing our most to be the best at our parent roles, that sometimes we fail to give our marriages the proper homage. So here's to the spark that sets the wheels in motion to bring forth the family.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blessed Be: Asheville Maternity Photographer, Sonya Stone

I love capturing families growing and changing. And there is nothing like adding a baby to the mix of a family with children. Mama S has already been through this and she knows what a special time this is. This is also the last baby she plans to have so it was only fitting that we photograph her and her sweet older children. Even though this is her third baby, it was her first time getting maternity photos. I am so glad we were able to sneak in this session before the birth! Congratulations to all of you!!






and as you should already know by now, I love it when we get to have some fun at a session. these kids are ready for the runway...they loved being models!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family Together: Asheville Family Photographer, Sonya Stone

In this tech savvy world we live in with all it's social networking and skype and cell phones and email, there is still nothing that compares to being with the people you love in person. I appreciate seeing families together and even more...being asked to photograph them. Because truly the medium that has stood the test of time is the photograph. I can pick up an album from my childhood or from the last visit and bring back memories and emotions and remember what is most important in life.
So go tell your family you love them and by all means, when you have the chance, take photographs!




Our mini sessions are all set (and booked up!) to go tomorrow. I can't wait. And if you are still interested, the minis for Friday, Oct. 21 still have one opening!! These are limited offerings, only twice per year! A quick, easy & fun way to update your portraits just in time for the holidays with special packages with gift giving and cards in mind. Send me a note here or on Facebook if you are interested!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn in Asheville: Asheville Photographer, Sonya Stone

Every year I am amazed at the colors right in our back yard. Just wait to you see the on location sessions I have coming up!


filled another mini session appointment today...this Sunday (10/16), 9:15am and 5:30pm still available. Minis are a great way to update your portraits. Quick & easy while fun and ending in fabulous photographs. With the amazing backdrop of the autumn colors and holidays approaching, you do not want to miss this!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Mini Sessions: Asheville Family Photographer, Sonya Stone

Fall is here and in the mountains that means we are about to hit the sweet spot for outdoor backdrops. The amazing colors and spectacular mountain views will peak in only a few weeks so you won't want to miss this opportunity.

If you want to update your family photographs or prepare for the holiday season, you can do so during this prime time and we'll make it quick and easy!

Our mini-sessions are 30 minutes of shooting time on location (yay, quick!) and will result in 10-15 edited proofs for you to choose from with special holiday minded packages (yay, easy!). And best of all, you will have fabulous photographs of your most loved to keep and to share (yay, fabulous!).

When? Sunday, Oct 16 & Friday, Oct 21
Where? On-location (for clients' eyes only!)
What? Heirloom portraits, amazing gifts & stunning holiday cards
Why? Time is fleeting, life is about loving & memories are meant to be treasured
Who? YOU & your loves!
Returning clients will receive a special gift and clients who refer get a $50 print credit.
Special $95 session fee (prints start at $40, holiday packages start at $395).

Don't delay, reservations are limited and some sessions are already claimed! Email me today to reserve your spot!

see you soon!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Decisions, Decisions: Asheville Maternity Photographer, Sonya Stone

It still amazes me how sessions unfold so personally, so individually. This maternity session is totally different from my last, but still so beautiful (IMHO!). The portraits are a match to this fabulous woman...natural but cute, relaxed but with some spunk, comfortable and beautiful. These were to be surprise for her hubby but she clued him in the day of the session after having some good laughs at his guesses about what she was up to.

And it was very special to have her mom there too. I loved that our session was a special thing they could do together to celebrate becoming a new mom. So not only will she have these breathtaking, once in a lifetime photographs, but she will also have the memory of having her mom be a part.

and now, here's a selection of some of my favorites from this session. I knew it would be hard to narrow down this session, and it was!


okay, Baby Anson, you and I have a date, right around the first of December. can't wait!