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Friday, December 11, 2009

cute X 2

is it because I have twins that I totally loved these little girls? no, more likely just the double dose of cuteness. i love that they are very different, each with a distinct personality and features. we were celebrating their second birthday with some exploring of the Biltmore.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

one of my favorites: Asheville Photographer Sonya Stone

I had a great time shooting this family. not so great of a time editing because I just had such a hard time narrowing the images down! But this just happens to be one of my favorite images...ever.

I'm almost caught up. Just a few more sessions to post and then, I'll be on break for Christmas. Then I can post photos of all the craft projects I have taken on for presents. I'm trying to knit hats and gnomes, sew a play canopy, and needle felt mermaids. Holy cow...what was I thinking!?!? I finally got smart and arranged for one of my more talented friends to make the heavy baby for Sacred. It will be awesome when these are all done!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

headshots: Asheville Photographer Sonya Stone

Even though she was admittedly nervous about having her portraits taken, Catherine breezed through her session like a pro. She was looking for professional headshots for a new business venture as well as some casual photographs for family keepsakes. You can see more about her psychotherapy practice at

Monday, December 7, 2009

where have all the blog posts gone: Asheville Photographer Sonya Stone

wow, I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted, but here I am, slinking back onto my blog to post images. And I will get you up to speed, promise! So my twins just turned 8 months old and life is good for the Stones. I have been enjoying being back in photography though a few hiccups have made life interesting. One of the kids spilled a tall cup of coffee on my lap top...I should not let them have so much caffine. Damn those shakes! It took some time to get that situation remedied, but now I'm back in the saddle.

here are some family shots from the past few months...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

baby blessings : Asheville Photographer Sonya Stone

I have some photos to share. Remember how I said every stage has something great that I love? Well, this baby is 9 months old here and unbelievably cute...learning to stand, mastering crawling...getting a tooth though he was such a trooper during the whole session. Baby W's baptism was the next day so we photographed him wearing his beautiful baptismal gown with his parents and grandparents. Then we loosened up and did some family portraits with a more casual feel. They're such a sweet was great getting to know them.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love babies : Asheville Photographer Sonya Stone

there is something so sweet about being with babies that it cannot be matched. And since I am feeling like 4 kids is enough for my family to hold, there is that danger that I might not get my baby fix...except that taking photos of babies is what I do. I love it. I love that sweet little face looking at you with both curiosity and knowing. The soft skin and dewy smell. Each age has its trademark cute or fun thing, from newborns to toddlers, and I always think...oh, this is what I love about this age. Here is a 3 month old baby that I photographed recently...

And look at that a hysterical face or what?!? Only when you are a baby is drool considered cute!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

on display : Asheville Photographer Sonya Stone

For those local to Asheville/Hendersonville, there will be a display of pregnancy and birth related art work at the Hands On Museum in downtown Hendersonville. I have three photos on display there and I know some of the other artists involved who are great. Check it out! The display is planned for Aug. and Sept.

Here's what you'll see from me...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Portrait : Asheville Photographer Sonya Stone

It's almost painful to visit my own blog...this lonely, ghost town of a blog...seemingly deserted by it's founder. I'm sure that after a revitalization, it will return to a hot bed of family photography. It's not that I'm just sitting around eating bon-bons over here. I am busy keeping up with 4 children, but I'm happy to report that I am off maternity leave and am taking new clients. I have been so busy shooting that I have not had time for blogging, but I am catching up and that means I can catch you up!

I had a great shoot a few weeks ago with such a fun family. The whole crew came to Lake Lure for relaxing vacation at the lake. And right away, they showed me a lot of hospitality and personality. What a great made my job pretty easy. And I think they may have the secret to youth in their humor because check this out:
Are you thinking what I was thinking? These are the baby's grandparents, right? NO! Try great-grands! Here are the grandparents...
All I can tell you is they are doing something right. Good looks, lots of smiles, and a joy to work with.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

what's going on here?

ok, I finally get myself to the computer to make a post (albeit a short, imageless post) and it won't show up. What is going on here? So if you are trying to figure out what that last post was all about...join the club.

Here's what it is supposed to say...
There are so many amazing things happening in my day to day life. So many that I am unable to capture them all...unable to capture them in my mind much less in my camera. And that's just my way of saying, no pictures of babies today...still. Yes, I know...I suck. I have taken photos; I just can't seem to find the time to select, edit and post photos or by the time I do, the babies have already changed! Eventually, I will put some photos up of my babies.

In the meantime, I am posting to raise awareness for the amazing midwives who serve women across the country, who, like me, choose to birth their babies at home. Check out this video...

A long way of saying, watch the video

There are so many amazing things that are happening in my day to day life. So many that I am unable to capture them all...unable to capture them by my mind much less by my camera. And that's my way of saying, no photos of babies in today's post...still, yes, I know...I suck. I have taken photos...I just can't seem to find the time to select, edit and post photos. And I think part of me is resisting this because I have 11week old twins but no pictures with me with them (except from the birth). That is about to change so stay tuned because I will post some props to my friend and photographer who is set to do some family photos.

Today I am posting to raise awareness...for the amazing midwives who serve women across the country who like me choose to birth their babies at home. Check out this video...

Friday, June 5, 2009

back in the swing

well, I have been putting off going back to work...honestly, having two little babies is hard work in itself. And I just couldn't imagine how to leave these precious little ones for more than a few minutes. But here I go, plunging back into the world of photography. It's the perfect toe dip. I have the honor of being with the famous Elizabeth Messina for a wedding she is shooting in NC this weekend. She is amazing, in case you are not a follower of amazing photographers like I am. A celebrity wedding photographer and I am ridiculously excited to watch her work. I am having some mama-guilt over leaving the babies for the better part of my day, but since Elizabeth is from CA, this is an opportunity that will not come around often.

So I am officially back, I have sessions booked until July, but I have missed photographing families. The fact that I can't seem to coordinate a decent shoot with my own family is not dissuading me! I will eventually post some updates of my babes. In the meantime, know that I am here, we are thriving, and posts will increase...I "almost" have the hang of this.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

one month later...

I have a really good excuse for taking so long to post. no really...this time, I have the excuse to top all other excuses...ready? On April 5, at 37 weeks pregnant...I went into labor. A quick and intense one that ended in pushing out my baby boy before the midwife was able to arrive. And then when the contractions kept on coming? I realized...there are TWO babies!!!!!!!! Luckily, my midwife arrived about that time, verified there was a second baby, and helped move things along so that ta-da, only 40 minutes after her brother was born, I pushed out my baby girl. Surprise, surprise, suprise!

Who has surprise twins in this day and age? NO ONE! Except me...and I am incredibly grateful for it. It was the perfect experience and the perfect arrival for my perfect little babies. Who by the way, were not terribly little. They weighed in at 5lb. 8 oz. and 5 lb. 12 oz. So I know you are saying, did she really not know there were two?

Well, we did have a couple of times in the pregnancy when we thought that was a possibility. But we kept ruling it out because of my size (always measuring right on with my weeks and gaining less than 30lbs) and because of the position of the babies (we could only feel one).

There you have it...surprise twins, 3 weeks early...that's my excuse. And I could not possibly post all that without photos. Who knew that it would take me two weeks to conduct my newborn photo shoot! But let me tell you, that being the postpartum mom to twins and being the photographer is a tough combo. Especially when you are trying to keep two babies sleeping in a room that is about 90 degrees (not exactly a comfortable temperature for the postpartum mom who is sweating profusely anyway!) and fending off the two big sisters who have a case of bubbling, ecstatic love (think in erupting volcano proportions) for said babies. It was not easy!

But here is the formal introduction to the Stone bab-IES...Gates & Amory.



Friday, March 27, 2009

contribution for APPPAH

Today I found out that a couple of my images will be used in the Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health's newest brochure. What an honor and a blessing for me to contribute to this wonderful organization.

APPPAH's mission is to educate professionals and the public about, and advocate for, the life-changing discoveries made in the area of prenatal and perinatal psychology and health.
here are the images they chose...

Friday, March 20, 2009

yes, this is me

I am grooving on along in this pregnancy...35 weeks tomorrow! And let's face it, with baby #3, things are just different. You are taking care of your first two children, who have a tendency to grab and keep your attention, whether you want them to or not! There just isn't the same approach as it was when it was your first...or even your second. Because now, you are a seasoned pro, right? ha, ha!! Well, it seems to be harder for me to carve out time just to be present to this pregnancy, to this baby that is growing inside.

But I had a wonderful opportunity to spend the day in total focus of my baby and my pregnancy last Sunday. In the morning, I had a surprise shower...too bad I am notorious for finding out surprises and this was no exception! It was lovely, a traditional baby shower with a game, cake (from Short Street Cakes......YUM!) and presents, and most importantly, time with some very special women I have become close to.

And then in the afternoon, my dear friends honored me with a blessing way. It is ceremony to honor and bless the mother as she moves forward into the birth of her baby. It was full of emotion and some tender tears for the awe that we feel as mothers and as friends. So here are some photos compliments of my friend and fellow photographer, Lenka Hattaway, of my special day, which was truly a great blessing.