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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

life's lessons

I love my kids. They are so fun, I mean really...look at these faces! They are all about playing and being themselves and just living to the fullest. Hmmm, some good life lessons! Here we are at the park playing with some friends.

This was before they gave each hair cuts today...for the second time. You see, that is not some super chic, salon do that Savannah is sporting in this image. Oh, no, she is quite the talented stylist, giving herself a 80's rocker chick look. Well, today's look lacked the same style that I was able to see in the previous cut. So I did it, what I always swore I wouldn't do. I gave my kid a haircut like I had, the bowl look, short to even it all out. And then I realized, all too late, what an error in judgment that was. The salon?! Why didn't we just wait to go to the salon?? And therein lies more important life lessons: patience, hopefully, forgiveness (from Savannah and for myself!), & flexibility.

So, go, have fun, be yourself, be patient & flexible, and forgive those who try to impede your style.

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