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Friday, January 16, 2009

it's not all kids and families around here

Sometimes, I photograph other things too! Like a recipe for crispy kale chips for online menu planning site,
This is a great online resource that you should definitely check out! Menu planning with a plug for community supported agriculture (CSAs). You can enter whatever ingredient you want to use (like what came in your CSA box...or what you bought at the store, whatever) and the site will generate the recipe list for you.
Go get the recipe and try these. We love them!!!

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Lisa Marie said...

Feed me this and I will show you how to knit...

I'm making a stocking hat with earflaps and a tassel now. I have a few things to learn, but I am liking it. I hope I have enough of the yarn. I might have to go to walmart if we get the van fixed for more. I need to get some more done so I know, lol. Back to knitting.