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Friday, March 20, 2009

yes, this is me

I am grooving on along in this pregnancy...35 weeks tomorrow! And let's face it, with baby #3, things are just different. You are taking care of your first two children, who have a tendency to grab and keep your attention, whether you want them to or not! There just isn't the same approach as it was when it was your first...or even your second. Because now, you are a seasoned pro, right? ha, ha!! Well, it seems to be harder for me to carve out time just to be present to this pregnancy, to this baby that is growing inside.

But I had a wonderful opportunity to spend the day in total focus of my baby and my pregnancy last Sunday. In the morning, I had a surprise shower...too bad I am notorious for finding out surprises and this was no exception! It was lovely, a traditional baby shower with a game, cake (from Short Street Cakes......YUM!) and presents, and most importantly, time with some very special women I have become close to.

And then in the afternoon, my dear friends honored me with a blessing way. It is ceremony to honor and bless the mother as she moves forward into the birth of her baby. It was full of emotion and some tender tears for the awe that we feel as mothers and as friends. So here are some photos compliments of my friend and fellow photographer, Lenka Hattaway, of my special day, which was truly a great blessing.


Ansley said...

I love these pictures! Sonya, you are so beautiful with that perfectly round belly! And I must say I LOVE the picture of the 4 of us!! :)

adrienne said...

ya'll are beautiful women, miss you
love and blessings

Patricia Grace said...


That 100 watt smile takes me back to wonderful memories of the 2 of us in Pinehurst/Souther Pines. I am sooo proud of you and all of your accomplishments.
I have an accomplishment of my own to share with you today...8 years ago in that little cottage on N. Weymouth Ave I starting on my journey of sobriety...Thank you for your prayers & support especially in the early days. 8yrs ago today...I am proud of myself

Love You and Miss You,
Ms Pat