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Sunday, February 20, 2011

baby fever: Asheville Baby Photographer Sonya Stone

Oh, the beauty of I can I be expected to resist these cheeks? So soft and chubby! I think I am done having babies of my own but an occupational benefit/hazard is that I get to snuggle sweet babies. And when they look like this...





Lord, have mercy!
Also, you may have noticed the new and improved larger images on the blog. You may have also noticed that I'm picking up the steam again on blogging. These two things go hand in hand. I was not pleased with the small images on my blog so I was not motivated to get on here and post images. But now, bigger is better and it is boosting the bloggin' so let's celebrate! I'm going to be hosting a giveaway cause I'm excited and it's almost spring and life is stay tuned.

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Lenka Hattaway said...

Love these! The last one is my favorite!