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Friday, March 18, 2011

Mother's Day Gift: Family & Child Portrait Photographer, Sonya Stone

I am unbelievably excited that Spring is here! The beautiful colors, the warmer weather, the spark that ignites growth and light. Yay! And to celebrate, I am offering a Spring Mini Session special just in time for Mother's Day. Because let's face it, I am a mother...I know what mother's like. They like photos! Scratch that...they LOVE photos. They love photos of their babies, who may be not so little any more, but will always be their babies!

SO if you have a mother, are a mother, are married to/dating/friends with a mother, let me offer a golden piece of advice, get beautiful, keepsake photographs for Mother's Day and you will hit the home run of gift giving. If you have children who are small and/or husbands who are gift giving challenged, GIFT YOURSELF. You have a right. And everyone will understand and thank you for it. Trust me.

Here are the details, the weekend of April 9 & 10, I will photograph children, families, pets, and the like all in the name of celebrating Mom. I will discount my session fee over $50 to give you an opportunity to have custom family or child portraits. You can order prints that are guaranteed to be delivered by Mother's Day. So you can have gifts wrapped and ready to go. And if you include Mom in the session, you get to tell her what the gift is and milk this truly awesome gift for a whole month before Mother's Day.

Then when she opens her prints on Mother's Day, viola; she will be overcome with joy and will be grateful for the whole next year. Make that her whole life because this moment in time cannot be replayed. It is in the here and now that we are laughing and playing and loving. It is here and then it is gone. But the photographs that you hang and archive, those will be the keepsakes that keep these sweet memories alive.

Get in touch and I'll fill you in on the details. And in the meantime, enjoy these photographs of an incredibly cute, sweet boy from last year's Spring minis.







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