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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet Babe: Asheville Newborn Photographer, Sonya Stone

Photographing newborns is dangerous territory, especially when you think you are done having your own children. They are so sweet, so soft and so unassuming. They are miraculous and tiny and yet so powerful. Being with them at this blissful time is like crack. Seriously. You think one little snuggle will be enough but they have this magnetic quality and you cannot.stop.gazing at them. And I get to translate this moment, this memory into a photograph. It's humbling and an honor. To know that this family will grow and change but that this baby, this new person will never be so small and so profound as he or she is right now.

This is baby Everleigh. She is fabulous and so is her name.







And these...these are the photos every mom needs to have. These are what I wish I had. I have some amazing birth photographs from my second child and the twins thanks to a couple of wonderful friends who are rock star photographers. So I'm ahead of the game for sure. But this...this tender look at the bond between a mother and her newborn babe. I wish I had some like this.




Ansley said...

I love these! Sonya, you really are an amazing photographer! This mama sure is lucky to have these beautiful moments captured. ;)

Lenka Hattaway said...

These are great! Love the one with her brothers and the last one with mom. So sweet!

maternity photography said...

Great work!! I love all the pics you post of your kids. It's so cute to see how similar they look!