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Friday, May 9, 2008

Carrying the torch for midwifery

Where has this week gone? My exciting news for the week was being interviewed by the local talk radio news station, 570AM, about my efforts to license direct entry midwives in NC. The reporter received a tip from Rep. Susan Fisher that I spoke before the House Select Committee on Licensing Midwives and he is doing a short news piece on the effort. It is exciting to see the word getting out that home birth is an option families are choosing and that the conversation can open further to who are the qualified providers to attend home births.

If you are interested in learning more about the midwifery model of care or the efforts of NC Friends of Midwives, check out

I had the benefit of attending a seminar with infant psychology pioneer, Dr. David Chamberlain, last weekend. He reminded me and reinforced for me the importance of how we parent our babies in the womb and how we chose to give birth to them. The reality is that babies will develop ideas about the world, who they are in it, and what their worth is by the messages we give prenatally; and a child's birth will have a tremendous impact on him or her positively or negatively.

So I feel it is our responsibility as parents to welcome our children into this world with love and trust. Seeing their births as time of blessing and celebration...what??? "What about the pain?" I can hear someone saying. I know it goes against the cultural standard, but here it is...childbirth was the most blissful, connecting, empowering experience of my life. And I am honored to have the opportunity to introduce my children into this world in a safe, calm, peaceful, loving way.

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