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Friday, May 23, 2008

if I had a nickel...

for every time someone told me they love my blog or my web site! But why is it that no one posts comments?? I post my messages, share my images, deliver my crack pot attempt at humor, and still no one puts a comment out there. Ok, so there have been a couple of comments, I realize that! And I appreciate those comments. But I am wondering how this woman who hosts a blog where people vote on what they think of the hairstyle that some random person is considering getting can get thousands of replies. And here I am not even counting on my toes yet!

It happened to me in the grocery store again yesterday. Someone I bumped into complimented me on my work. She checked out the web site, followed the link here...said she loved it. And if I hadn't randomly seen her in the store, I wouldn't have even known that.

So, if you are a client and you have an opinion about your image, post it. If you are a photographer, and you want to know what settings I used or how I got a certain look, post it. If you are my faithful family and friends who just want to keep up with what I'm doing, post something so I know you are visiting. Whatever it is (and I may regret this later), post it!

I'm glad you're reading this and I'm looking forward to reading your comment soon!


Jenn said...

Sonya. Checking your blog is a part of my morning computer routine. Email,, sonya's blog, etc. I love it. So, can you keep up with me? Love it!

Sonya said...

thanks, Jenn! Looks like I have to step up my posts! : )