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Saturday, November 1, 2008

holy October snow, Batman!

This may be old news for the Asheville locals, but only a few days ago, we had our first snow of the season...on Oct. 28!!!!!! To say I was not prepared for this is an understatement. I am a Southern girl, for sure. Asheville is as far North as I have ever lived!

I took these photos at about 10 AM and look how much snow was still around! Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 69 degrees. Talk about crazy! But what a fun opportunity for some of my own family portraits. My kids were so excited to get out and play in (aka eat) the snow, and obviously, our dog, Baker, was quite excited too. But it didn't last long as you can see, they didn't really dress for the weather!

This is Savannah tossing a snow ball to Baker. He thought this was a great game!
Our Jack-o-snows! As you can see in the background, I hadn't even brought my plants in off our porch. It was a sad, sad end to the lives of two peace lilies and one fern.

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Ask Asheville North Carolina said...

Nice. Yes, the kids were out at 1 in the morn checking it out with us, lol.