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Monday, October 27, 2008

Holiday planning

So as I sit waiting the eternity for my photos to download from card to hard drive, I thought I would catch up on my blog. I feel lots of excitement building in our family. At 13 weeks pregnant, I'm starting to show (um-uh, well, it's more like I'm starting to look pregnant and not just like I'm putting away too much ice cream...though I am actually doing both!). And I am so excited because I have a closet full of beautiful maternity clothes. So many actually, I may get to wear something new everyday from now until May 1! And luckily, I have lots that will be for warm weather so I'll have an excuse to keep wearing the maternity clothes after the baby is born. And the excuse will be I have to get a few wears of this cute summer maternity outfit in instead of, "I'm still way bigger than my regular clothes." A fact I have already accepted, but doesn't the cute clothes bit sound way better!??

The other excitement is that we are entering into the Holiday and Birthday quarter of the year. We have Halloween coming up...the girls are going to be cow girls...with matching outfits. OMG! They are soooo cute (special props to my friend Lisa who made the costumes, because while I am many things, a great seamstress is not one of them!)!

Then we will celebrate Savannah's 6th birthday!! We were party planning fools this weekend. She's having a harvest party and it is going to be so much fun.
Next is Thanksgiving and my wedding anniversary...on the same day!!!!!!!!! I haven't even begun to think about how to work that out. We're thinking of traveling to Mississippi to visit my family for Thanksgiving, but the thought of 20 hours in the van over the span of 4 days just may be too much.

Of course, next will be Christmas and we're planning a trip to sunny Florida!! Everyday my kids and I plan, let's get ready for the beach! And we talk about all the fun we're going to have there and all the things we need to pack. Hopefully, this game doesn't get boring over the next 2 months!

Then New Years and Sacred's birthday, which I'll start thinking about a little later. My brain can only take so much right now!

In between all our planning and partying, I will be taking clients for Holiday Sessions! It's not only our holiday season I realize!!! So I will be offering a really great holiday package for those who wish to have their portraits for gifts or for holiday cards. We can customize your session to include the whole family, the kids, the pets, whatever and whoever you wish to send greetings to your family and friends. And I personally think the perfect gift is a beautiful portrait!! Something that is a keepsake not a space taker or something someone already has or can't use! I admit, I may be biased, but really, you know I'm right!

So contact me today to book your holiday guarantee prints in time for shipping, please schedule early! You can complete the contact form on my web site,,
to secure your session.

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