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Friday, June 5, 2009

back in the swing

well, I have been putting off going back to work...honestly, having two little babies is hard work in itself. And I just couldn't imagine how to leave these precious little ones for more than a few minutes. But here I go, plunging back into the world of photography. It's the perfect toe dip. I have the honor of being with the famous Elizabeth Messina for a wedding she is shooting in NC this weekend. She is amazing, in case you are not a follower of amazing photographers like I am. A celebrity wedding photographer and I am ridiculously excited to watch her work. I am having some mama-guilt over leaving the babies for the better part of my day, but since Elizabeth is from CA, this is an opportunity that will not come around often.

So I am officially back, I have sessions booked until July, but I have missed photographing families. The fact that I can't seem to coordinate a decent shoot with my own family is not dissuading me! I will eventually post some updates of my babes. In the meantime, know that I am here, we are thriving, and posts will increase...I "almost" have the hang of this.

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