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Thursday, June 25, 2009

what's going on here?

ok, I finally get myself to the computer to make a post (albeit a short, imageless post) and it won't show up. What is going on here? So if you are trying to figure out what that last post was all about...join the club.

Here's what it is supposed to say...
There are so many amazing things happening in my day to day life. So many that I am unable to capture them all...unable to capture them in my mind much less in my camera. And that's just my way of saying, no pictures of babies today...still. Yes, I know...I suck. I have taken photos; I just can't seem to find the time to select, edit and post photos or by the time I do, the babies have already changed! Eventually, I will put some photos up of my babies.

In the meantime, I am posting to raise awareness for the amazing midwives who serve women across the country, who, like me, choose to birth their babies at home. Check out this video...

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