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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i'm back

wow, I'm so sorry...I had slipped off the face of the blogging world for a week there! whew, well, I'm back. And I have some catching up to do. As I read some of my most recent posts, I realized I already gave all the excuses I have for being busy...moving hubby's office, starting a cooperative learning program for my kids, bookkeeping, lobbying for midwifery, etc. So yes, I'll pull up my big girl panties and get back to talking about photography.

I will say that it is a great thing to realize that photography is a wonderful outlet for me. I am moved by images. I always have been. I can sit and look at my photo albums for hours. It stirs all the emotion of that moment, that time in my life.

And for those images of the people I photograph, they engage me too. It is the focus, the moment of reflection on who that person is to me. It is like a art that I have always believed I am not skilled in...but here I am, meditating on the image of a person who I have gotten to know and focusing on the spirit that is represented.

Yesterday, I worked on our clinic's bookkeeping, and I took a break to edit some photos. Not because I had to but because it was a welcome break, a reconnecting to what I enjoy.

So here are a few that I enjoyed working on and I think you'll like them too. This is Jen and her family. I looove this image because this is the real deal...this is who they are, what fun!

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Destinee said...

These all look great but that second one is priceless!