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Friday, June 13, 2008

lazy days of summer

that's what I am supposed to be having now, right? ha! I think things are busier now than they have been in months. I was looking forward to taking it easy, relaxing by the pool. Instead, I am in a creative think tank for a cooperative learning initiative for my kids, I'm apparently a full time school administrator for my kids co-op preschool, I'm editing photos by what feels like the thousands, I'm helping my husband shop for a new space for his health clinic (, I am fighting the demon that lives in our mini van that possesses my children every time we get on the road, I'm coaching my future Olympic swimmers (aka, my kids) on the benefits of not drowning...and that was just today!

Saturday I have somehow managed to have 4 things scheduled all at the same time. So for those who are waiting for me to pick up my game and have daily posts, just hang in there. I will come up for air every couple of days!

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