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Monday, December 1, 2008

It's the Holiday Season...

I just read Asheville's own Edgy Mama's blog and she posted this article from the NY Times. I will happily claim the label as a "slow blogger." What, never heard that term? Me either until today, but I am embracing it! Think "slow food" and all other aspects of taking things at a mindful pace rather than a hurried pace aiming for convenience. I really do strive to publish things that will be interesting and fun for you to check out. That may mean that the inspiration (and edited photos) come a little slower than a Tweeter thread, but hopefully, the content will make it worth the wait.

Here's a fun family I shot a couple weeks ago. We had one location in mind and it fell through at literally the last minute. So we made it work, but let me just say, this is the FIRST time I have ever longed for studio lights. Maybe Santa will bring me some! : ) Hopefully, he doesn't ask how many times I will use them, because I still love me some natural light and would only use them in desperation.

I wish I had one of these of my husband and me...where she looks great and happy and he looks adoringly at her. I love it!
And you may have already noticed this about me, but I am somewhat obsessed with blue eyes. I think they are marvelous, probably because mine are brown. Or maybe everyone thinks light, sparkling eyes are beautiful...I mean, look at this! Now, please do not share this with my own children who are blessed with the same brown eyes I have...damn the gene dominance! My husband has fabulous blue eyes, along with every other member of his family, except his children. Ok, back to the photos...

And I think this last one just might be my favorite. All she needs is a little elf hat! : ) And seriously, who's husband looks at them this adoringly multiple times during a photo shoot, with no coaching!

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