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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

last call for nominations

Here it is, Christmas Eve, the last day for nominations for the Giving is Awesome holiday give away. I have just reviewed all the nominations and I'm glad I have a few more hours to's going to be tough. You can still enter someone if I receive your email by midnight tonight!!

I'm in Hilton Head, totally enjoying my vacation...wondering why we don't get away more often! And when I return, it will be pedal to the medal. I have shoots both Sat. and Sun. after returning Friday!

I also took over 500 shots of my own family today. Something I don't always make time to do. So I'll be sure to post some of those images in the next day or so.

AND stay tuned, I'll make the selection tomorrow and give the winner a call. If they are agreeable, I'll post their story here and their images once we have their session.

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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