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Monday, November 14, 2011

What To Wear for Family Portraits: Asheville Family Photographer, Sonya Stone

Can I just say that as I finish up editing my fall portrait clients' sessions, I am SO impressed by the clothing selections! I mean really...every family managed to coordinate and blend so nicely. It makes such a difference in the quality of your portrait. And having recently had my OWN photo taken, I can empathize with the struggle of "what to wear?" And that was just for me!

So as you plan your next family photograph, remember these tips:
1. coordinate the colors but do not feel like you have to look identical or all in one color. please, don't all dress in one color...bor-ing! and especially not white...the viewer's eye goes to the lightest place first. if you wear white, then that's the eye catcher not your face.
2. keep the color palate simple (I love earth tones) and then accent with accessories. scarfs are so fashionable these days and add a great punch of color and texture to your photos.
3. Texture! don't be afraid to wear things with texture... denim, corduroy, knits.
4. Cooler weather does not mean you cannot have portraits done! Layer and add accessories. Scarfs and hats can be fun and stylish.
5. Don't distract from the subject! No big logos or writing on your clothing, this is about the beauty of your family, not a commercial. Plaids, stripes and small patterns are just too "busy" and compete with the face for attention.
6. Longer sleeves and hemlines are best. Avoid wearing short sleeved or sleeveless tops. Bare skin (arms and legs) draw attention away from your faces.
7. Choose items that are a little bit dressier, fancier, or funkier than you wear everyday, but not too far out of your comfort zone. You want to look awesome, but you still want to look like you.
8. Don't forget your shoes. It sounds silly, but you can look great in your outfit and then ruin it with a pair of running shoes. So either pick a pair of cool shoes or go barefoot.
9. Most importantly, be comfortable. All the great clothes in the world cannot replace your look of comfort and ease in your portrait.

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