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Saturday, January 18, 2014

We'll Weather the Weather Together

Let me get this out of the way now, prepare to see a lot of photos of my children.  I plan to post about my life for the next year and with 5 kids age 11 to 1, they are my life. They are my greatest source of joy and my biggest trigger for frustration!

This is my baby. He loves being outside even in this cold wintery weather we are having. Me? Not a fan of the cold so we have to work together. Sometimes that leads to him standing at the storm door looking all pitiful, sometimes he resorts to shrieking. So I bundle him up and out we go. Thankfully, I have these big girls to assist with the outdoor supervision when I'm being a wimp.

I love how simple life is for him right now. He is happy connecting with his family and nature. He doesn't think he needs lots of stuff. He loves nursing and eating food. He likes to nap...ahhh! He is excited to learn new things. He loves to make us laugh. He is present to each and everything in his experience. He's not worried that he's growing too fast or too slow. He's not afraid that there's not enough food, money, love...whatever. He isn't asking himself what his life's purpose is. He is just here, now, soaking it all in. Freely open to giving all that he is.

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