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Thursday, April 24, 2008

More DITLO Asheville

As requested, here are more photos from the Day in the Life of Asheville project. These are all from the Folk Life Festival held at Warren Wilson College on Saturday. The funny thing is I didn't see much happening when I first came into the festival area. I actually told a friend who called that I probably wouldn't be there more than a few minutes. But when I started paying attention...look at all the cool people I found! Ummm, and I spent 2 hrs. there & loved every minute of it.

This is Dede Styles who spins and dyes wool.
This is the mom of Festival co-Coordinator, John. She had these amazing quilts that her grandmother made. They use patterns that were signals for slaves escaping via the Underground Railroad. Can you see the passion in her story??
One of the big draws of the Festival is the bluegrass music competition. Here's a musician jamming on the street.

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