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Saturday, April 5, 2008

why all this editing???

I have spent two days trying to work through some technological issues around web sites. I am spent! The thing is, I am waiting for the web site that is finished to be published. In the meantime, I have things going on that need to get out there and be seen! So here I am running like a turtle through the process of putting up a temporary site.

I thought I might shed some light on a question I hear often, "why do you have to edit the pictures?" There can be lots of things in an image that can be made better. I thought I would share an image straight out of the camera and the image after I processed it.
Remember the days of film? There was a darkroom where the negatives were processed. Now, there is a digital darkroom were I can tweak images. If you look at lots of photographers, you'll see there are varying degrees of this "post processing" that are used. Everything from cropping, to color changes, to smoothing skin textures, blurring backgrounds, removing or replacing a portion of an image, or painting edgy, artistic elements and much more.

So now you know, Photoshop is my friend and I spend more time with it and my clients images than with my real life friends! And apparently today, with the wonder of the world wide web!

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